Saturday, January 2, 2010


This year is going to be great for me. I am going to be done with school and going to start making the bigger bucks. I plan to take McCall to DisneyLand. Gotta love the disney princesses. This is such a fun age. I really cant wait for it all... and yet I can because the time goes too fast. I hope to expand our family size (and no I am not pregnant). Last but not least my resolution is to share more on my blog this year. I was going through the camera and found pictures from Halloween of 2008 still on their. That is pretty bad. Well I intend to update you all soon. So take a look back in about a week or so, I promise. Thanks for caring.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

What do you want to be for Halloween?

Most mothers think of their little girls as being girly things for halloween. Now not all mothers but most! My little bug wants to be a different sort of creature this years event.

This year she wishes to be SCOOBY DOO!

Pictures to follow Oct 31, 2009

Saturday, May 16, 2009


This last week we took a little VaCaTIoN! Tyler had a business trip scheduled for the week of Mothers day. It was a last minute trip since they have been laying on many people at his place of work. We are grateful that he still has a job. When he told be the day that he was expecting to leave I was a little disapointed due to that fact that it was Mothers day. So instead just because my luck was that I already had the days off from work being that my schedule fell just into place and it worked out perfect with school... We decided to take the trip with him. So off we went to FLORIDA. We left bright and early mothers day morning. We would have left the day before but we did not want to pay extra for the hotel and the rental car. They were already covered for the week for his work. We wanted to make the trip as inexpensive as possible. Florida is not cheap to fly to and it gets even more pricey when you have to pay for a child to fly as well. We landed in Florida around 4:30pm so we went and got checked into the hotel and went to look for some food since we were of course starving since they dont feed you on the airplanes any more even though you are on them for over 3 hours and pay an arm and a leg to get where you are going. We drove around for about an hour just trying to familiarize ourselves with where we were and looking for something that would be special on MoThER's DaY. We drove past some really good places directly on the beach but we where hungry and wanted something sooner so we found this place that was not super great but it worked.

Pinchers CRAB SHACK One of the things we did notice was that we waited for ever in all the places that we ate. Service was horible. Nothing wrong with the food just the wait at the table you would always be wondering where your food was and where your waiter went but the reseraunt did not even have that many people in it.

We walked down the beach but did not get any pictures. I am forgetfull about taking the pictures. I get to caught up in the moment. We went back to the hotel and where ready to head to bed. We were so exhausted. My mothers day photo with the one that makes it worth the world. Here is the side effects of flying all day long. We were so tired still the next day. We had to wake up at 4:30 to make our flight so McCall was completely exhausted.
We played in the pool a little and waited until Tyler back to the hotel from working. Then we headed back to the beach. His work would not pay for a hotel on the beach because they only cover 100 dollars a day for hotel stay and everything on the beach was expensive so our hotel was only about 10 minute drive, if that. It was nice though becuase we had a kitchen and our room was seperate from the living space. We had two television and a DVD player it was perfect for a week long stay. Any way we went down to the shore and ate at this cute little resteraunt called the blue whale and once again good food but we waited for ever. We walked down the beach again and then went shopping at factory outlet to find some dressier shorts for Tyler to where to the dealership. He said he was sweating in pants because it was to hot. The next day McCall and I walked around a mall that was right by our hotel. It had a Saks 5th avenue. We had never been in one before. It was a fun little place to shop around with lots of cool little fountains. McCall had a blast. Then later when tyler got back to the hotel we grabbed a quick bite and headed for the beach. We wanted to get pictures this time for sure. PICTURE POSTED BELOW. Hope these VIDEOS don't bore you but I just had so much fun watching her enjoy the water.She just loves the water so much. (Never mind about the Videos I cant get them to upload. I will try again later.) Then back to the hotel. The next day was our last day and we wanted to make the best of it. It went a little something like this. We woke up and got everything ready for the day and ready for the flight home the next day. This way we could stay out and have a good time. We went to the outback steakhouse for lunch and waited so long for our food that we had to get it to go when it made it to our table. Tyler had already been gone from the dealership for an hour and a half and needed to get back. So he scarfed his food while we waited 10 minutes just for doggie boxes. Then we had to walk back to the hotel wich was just across the street so not a far walk. Then we went swimming for all of 25 minutes.

While in the pool a big dark cloud quickly passed over the pool so we hurried to get out. I thought we would go to a movie since we could not do much of anything else. There was a movie theater about a block from the hotel but as soon as we got dressed and opened the hotel DOOR. THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKED LIKE.

It was warm rain so it would have been ok to walk in but the theater would have been cold and uncomfortable so we stayed inside and painted nails. Later that night we went a Place called the Elephant Bar. It is equivilant to a Cheese cake factory. PICTURE BELOW.

Then we walked around the mall that was there and took McCall to the Disney Store since there is not one in Utah anymore. She wanted to get the Bolt dog. IT was $40. No thanks. SEE PICTURE BELOW.

It was getting late and since we had an early flight we headed back to the hotel. To pass the rainy time we painted nails and McCall took a bath. SEE PICTURE BELOW.

The next day was quite the adventure and something that I hope I never have to do again. We left Floriday at 7:20 florida time we where scheduled to land in dallas at 9:20. Instead we landed in san antonia because of all the bad weather across the southern, eastern and midwest states. The tornadoes are the biggest part to blame. Well we did not get off in san antonio we just sat on the runway in the plane for 2 1/2 hours. We finally landed in dallas at 1:10. 2:10 floriday time. So a total of a little of 7 hours on one plane with a two year old by myself because tyler had to stay until friday for work. We missed our salt lake flight home that was supposed to leave at 12:35 dallas time. We were supposed to board a flight home at 2:20. When I as getting the flight thing all figured out they told me that it was taking a long time to get me the ticket beause they were hopfully going to be able to seet McCall and I my each other. There was no hopefully involved it was just going to happen. The flight that we where supossed to board at 2:20 we did not get on until 4:15 and we took off @ 4:45. We had the plane ready for us but no pilot to fly it. So we waited and waited. I called my mom like seven times finally I just waited to call here once I was on the plane. In the end we did make it home at 6:30 that night. What a day and I lived to tell about it. I could more you with more intense details but that really was the just of it. I am just so greatful for kind people. We sat next to some really nice people. THe lady that we sat next to on the first flight gave us a granola bar and the flight attendants gave us a cookie for free. Everyone was really friendly and was so helpful. I greatful for a fun mothers day week away from home and to have made it home safely.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


An UPDATE is soon on it's way. I plan to add lots of events so hopefully I want bore you. Most of you are probably laughing thinking ya right she won't post. However I am going to surprise you all. I have been a terrible mom. I am as far behind as Halloween. So keep checking back because something knew to read will soon be posted.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My New House

This is going to be my new house. Watch me win on march 14, HGTV. J/k This is my reminder link.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


OK so I know not alot of people check up on my blog often because I am so bad at frequently posting but hopefully some of you will soon. Any ways I need some opinions and advice. I also want any one who is willing to to add them self to this blog as a follower. Sorry not my blog but to this blog that I am creating for my mother in law's store in park city and sugar house. She has everthing and anything that she can't want because she owns the cutes store. Anyway please check it out in is as of right now in the works and I hope to have it done by christmas. Also if you could post a comment on my blog with any advice or tips on how to make it cute. I need free thinkgs to add also. Thanks so much for you help. Everyone have a merry christmas.

STORE LOCATIONS: Park City and Sugar House

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

McCall's Photo Shoot.

In addition to the family shoot that we had for this year we also got a little session for McCall. It worked out perfect because her 2nd Birthday is just around the corner and this made a kill for two birds in one. She really warmed up in these pictures.